Dramas, dramas, dramas

I admit that the only way I figured out the word for “time” in Korean was from watching (subtitled) Korean dramas. There’s a particular exchange in “What’s up, Fox?” (subbed episodes at DramaFever or Hulu) where the two main characters keep talking about time. After about the fifth time Chun Jung Myung said 시간 (sigan), I thought to myself “wait, that’s the same thing in Taiwanese” and started searching Wikitionary.

I do watch Korean dramas and Mandarin dramas (Down with Love was a recent favorite from Taiwan). Currently, I think it’s easier to legally access Korean dramas in the U.S. through DramaFever. I’m hoping it will extend to showing Japanese and Mandarin dramas as well. I’ve heard of plenty of people maintaining their language studies by watching dramas in different languages. I know watching Spanish telenovelas is popular among Spanish language students.

I haven’t watched many Japanese dramas or anime. Hulu does have a selection of subtitled anime. I do like anime movies (like those from Studio Ghibli). However, I don’t really watch anime in episode form. Perhaps now I need to be in the hunt for non-dubbed anime movies.


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