Word of the week #3: 辭

I’ve decided to make a tiny change to the “Word of the Week.” It’s possible that they might be mostly Chinese words. I’m not entirely comfortable giving words in Japanese and Korean since I’m still in the very beginning stages of learning both. It will be very basic vocabulary if I do present those. Translations are not easy, and it’s easy to make mistakes.

The word for this week is 辭 (tzu), which is a difficult word to explain. It can mean many equivalent things in English, but I like to think of it as a word or phrase. In Chinese, some things can be described using one character, but others use one or more characters. The word that takes one or more characters can be a 辭. I’m already thinking that some of the “Word of the Week” entries may involve a 辭 or phrase rather than a single character or word.

This is also a word where my issue with romanization comes up. The romanization is in no way equivalent to the way it is really pronounced. There is no vowel sound in this word. To me, the accurate way of pronouncing it is more like “tz” with a heightened tone. Just that single sound, no “u” sound.

For more Chinese characters, check out my other blog “來學正體中文字 | Learning Traditional Chinese Characters”.


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