Listening to languages through podcasts

I have been thinking about the importance of listening to a language. I know there are specific sounds in Korean that my ear has not caught on. But listening to exercises can be rather boring. I want to listen to real things. I may not be able to understand everything (at this point, I cannot understand any Japanese or Korean), but I think it’s good practice listen to the sounds of a language. I’ve found one way to work on listening is through podcasts.

I searched a few blogs and came up with these two posts:
“Japanese Podcast Recommendations – Part 1” from JapanNewbie
“judy!! 님의 팟캐스트” from Korean {as it is}

They recommended the following podcasts:
Shukan Nikkei Trendy podcast about the latest consumer technology
judy!! 님의 팟캐스트 with life stories

I like the judy!! podcast because the speaker does speak clearly. She definitely has a nice voice and the podcast is pleasant to hear. It sounds like a friend telling you a story about her day. The Trendy podcast is more of a news broadcast. To me, the speed seems on the fast side. But, it could just be that I’m not fully used to listening to Japanese. Hopefully as I listen to these podcasts, I’ll pick up some nuances of the languages. And one day I might even be able to understand them!


2 thoughts on “Listening to languages through podcasts

  1. I agree with you that getting some exposure just to get a feel for the language is a good thing. But don’t mistake it for a way of learning the language. Just listening without trying to produce any (spoken / written) language yourself is never going help much in learning a language. I guess it’s the combination that counts.

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