Word of the week #11: 感冒

I realized I should be using the words that I am presenting for “word of the week.” I’ll make sentences using the words I am presenting – at least in the languages that I can make sentences. This is probably the most helpful in Chinese, so I’ll definitely make sentences with Chinese words.

The word for this week is 感冒, which means is equivalent to “to catch a cold.” Individually the words have different meanings. The word 感 is used to mean to feel. For example, 感謝 means to feel thankful. 冒 is a risk. To 冒險 means to face risks.

冬天大家常常會感冒。 這時候就應該好好寶養生體。
Everyone commonly gets colds during the winter. This is the time to take care of one’s health.


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