More podcasts

Previously, I posted about podcasts I listen to in an attempt to become familiar with the sound of a language that I’m learning. I also listen to podcasts in languages I do understand.

The podcasts that I listen to in English are from National Public Radio (NPR) in the U.S. I am a big fan of the funny quiz show “Wait Wait.. Don’t Tell Me!” about recent news. I also really like the “Pop Culture Happy Hour” which discusses recent pop culture events. “The World” from Public Radio International (PRI) is a great world news program. I am a big fan of “The World in Words” which is a podcast from PRI about languages.

My French is not as good as my English, so I try to find something simple. The best I’ve found so far is the simple version of the news from Radio France Internationale. It’s called “Journal en français facile”.

Listening to Chinese is a bit more complicated. There is a difference in accents between spoken Chinese in China and Taiwan. I focus more on Chinese spoken in Taiwan. Princess Remy has a nice podcast. She’s from Taiwan and is living in Austria. It’s interesting to listen to stories about Europe in Chinese. Radio Taiwan International has a podcast called “Taiwan view” which has a speech on one news topic.


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