Word of the week #13: 舞

This week’s word is 舞 (wu), which is the word for dance. 跳舞 is “to dance.” The words that come before the word 舞 in a phrase describe the type of dance. 中國舞 (zhong guo wu) means Chinese dance. There are many types of 中國舞. 中國古典舞 (zhong guo gu dien wu) is Chinese classical dance, 中國民間舞 is Chinese folk dance, and 少數民族舞 (shao shu min zhu wu) is minority ethnic dance.

古典舞 (gu dian wu) – classical dance
芭蕾舞 (ba lei wu) – ballet
民間舞 (min jian wu) – folk dance
街舞 (jie wu) – street dance, hip-hop
地板舞 (di ban wu) – floor dance, breakdance
排舞 (pai wu) – line dance, country line dance
肚皮舞 (du pi wu) – bellydance, Middle Eastern dance

Today’s dance class was really fun!


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