Changes to BBC World Service languages

I was sad after I read about the cuts taking place at the BBC World Service. Not all of the cuts have been announced, but the BBC has stated that the cuts involve the language programs. I think this is a very bad decision. I only listen to the BBC World Service in English, but I appreciate that the reports are from all over the world, usually with more information compared to world news from the American media.

The BBC World Service offers news in 32 languages. The languages are not geared towards the obvious countries. For example, BBC French is geared towards the French speaking population in Africa. The BBC World Service is giving news to people who would otherwise not hear any reports and information. I really hope these cuts can be curtailed.


One thought on “Changes to BBC World Service languages

  1. Yes! I’m a big fan of the BBC too. They are truly unique. Their English service is also very popular in Africa. They pick up issues not covered by many other media. Such as the African Cup of Nations (soccer). Not covered otherwise; they had live match reports which made them heros across the African continent.

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