Hello Kitty at Sephora!

I’ve known Hello Kitty and Sanrio items as long as I can remember. I had toys and stuffed characters. I also had plenty of Sanrio stationary and accessories. I made good use of a few notebooks, pens, and pencils. I even remember a bookbag and thermos. Throughout the years, Sanrio has collaborated with other companies to put the iconic Hello Kitty in various products. The designer collections have put Sanrio characters on everyday products and shows that the appeal is beyond young girls.

I was very surprised when I looked at the possible gifts when I went to Sephora and saw Hello Kitty Eau de Parfum. Obviously I had to get the gift. This isn’t the same as the toy perfumes that I remember at Sanrio, which tended to have simple smells, such as strawberry. This is a real product that can rival the other brands sold at Sephora.

Gift sample of Hello Kitty Fragrance from Sephora

The fragrance is fruity, floral, and musky. I think there is a great mix of the parts. I did not expect to like the fragrance, but I really do like it. It’s now one of my favorites now. (For reference, my other favorites are Hanae Mori Butterfly and Estée Lauder pleasures). I especially think the package is adorable. The box has little Hello Kitty faces etched on the cardboard and it’s pink inside. The Hello Kitty face for the bottle is perfect. There is a whole line of Hello Kitty products sold exclusively at Sephora, so you will definitely want to check it out if you are a fan!


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