Super Bowl XLV review

Some people watch the Super Bowl for the game and some people watch it for the commercials. I’m a big (American) football fan and like a good postseason game, so I do watch the Super Bowl for the game. A big congrats to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on winning the Super Bowl. That was an awesome game!

I thought the program overall was ok, but not spectacular. I noticed multiple quick jumps between cameras that made me dizzy. The overhead camera at Cowboys Stadium must be ridiculously high above the field – the players looked like ants when certain plays were being explained. I made a mental note early in the game that we were going to get a lot of shots of the necks of players and coaches. They kept looking up at the gigantic HD screen at the stadium. I guess there isn’t an additional screen on the side.

The commercials this year were not particularly great either. Apparently this was the year of space suits as they appeared in one commercial and throughout the halftime show. I thought FOX did a good job with their show promos because they were football relevant. I really liked Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit” commercial for its message and classiness.

I also liked Coca-Cola’s “Seige” commercial. It’s a great use of animation!

There are always silly ads that are either supposed to be comical and used solely for shock value. I get it because it is the Super Bowl. Some physical comedy and laughter is usually expected from the fast food restaurants or beer companies. But, I really think Groupon went too far with their “Tibet” commercial.

Groupon explained that the commercials are supposed to poke fun at its beginnings as an outgrowth from a philanthropy site. Oddest yet is that they are encouraging their customers to donate money to charities through a site made for the commercials, which was not mentioned during the commercial or on the main website. The Groupon’s “Whales” commercial also did not get that message across. Maybe Groupon should have made commercials with the same beginning, but instead of that ending, they should have said something about matching donations to charities through the site or receiving Groupon credits.


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