Language dreams

Sometimes it is said that one can think in a language if one dreams in the language. I’ve often dreamt in all the languages I’ve learned – Chinese, English, and French. Sometimes they all come up in one dream. But what about language nightmares?

My mind must be playing tricks on me because I had a language nightmare! I dreamt that I was reading aloud to a group of people. I was reading something in Chinese. I was fine in the beginning, but then there were two words that I could not recognize. The characters looked blurry. Apparently the situation was so intense in the dream that it caused me to wake up.

I suppose I should learn from my nightmare and work on reading and writing in Chinese. It is the hardest part of the language and my key weakness. It’s just a matter of starting with reading and writing a few paragraphs at a time.

Off topic: while writing this post, my web browser insisted that “dreamt” is not a correctly spelled word. I was under the impression that “dreamed” and “dreamt” were equivalent. I was taught that “dreamt” was the past tense of “to dream.”


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