Odd start to daylight saving time

Today marks the first day of daylight saving time in the United States for 2011. All the clocks (except Arizona and Hawai’i) were moved ahead. The move always happens on Sunday and the following Monday is always considered a difficult day for everyone because of the time change. When I ran errands in the morning, there did not seem to be many people out and about. I’m normally ok with the time change, but today I felt really tired. The news of the past week have been pretty depressing. The nuclear crisis in Japan is disconcerting. I have also been disturbed by the strange fascination with celebrities in the entertainment business and the things people go through to reach their dreams in the entertainment business. I think the weather also contributed to my fatigue. It was a really overcast day with some rain. I have a feeling if the sun was out, I would have felt much better and had a better sense of the time. Without the sun, I couldn’t really tell if it was morning or afternoon. I’m hoping this pseudo-jet lag improves as the new week begins.

“Radioactive Releases in Japan Could Last Months, Experts Say” (NYTimes)
“The Irresistible Charlie Sheen: Why do we care about celebrities?” (Slate)
“New Letters Renew Fury over Jang’s Suicide” (WSJ)


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