Continuing to follow the situation in Japan

The post-earthquake situation in Japan is a constant flow of information. At every hour and every location, there are different stories and different priorities. There are aftershocks (some of a magnitude of a large earthquake), rescue efforts, recovery efforts, medical needs, cold temperatures, issues from the nuclear power plants, possible rolling blackouts, stock market drops, etc. There really is too much to list. The only thing I can do is stay informed and hope for the best for everyone.

I was really glad that NHK World coverage has started streaming at The coverage is in English. Sometimes, it is specific coverage for the English-speaking audience. Other times, it is English dubbing of the Japanese NHK coverage.

Embedded stream of NHK World from

Various live blogs have helped with constant coverage and commentary of the events in Japan. I follow The Guardian’s news blog for live coverage. I have also recently started reading The Wall Street Journal’s Japan Realtime blog. Usually I find I get better international news from overseas news sites, but the WSJ has journalists in Japan (and the rest of Asia) who are bringing relevant information. I also appreciate CNN’s “This Just In” blog since it has very clear time stamps for east coast US time and Tokyo time. As much as I want the latest news, the world clock can be very confusing. It’s difficult to constantly calculate the current time and remembering where the blog is based.

This picture of a rescue dog with a German rescue team at the Narita airport (it’s above the post at 8:19pm) looks so hopeful. To me, the dog represents the hope and wishes of the world: to help the people of Japan and bring peace and harmony to the country and its people.


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