Drama review: 愛似百匯 (Love Buffet)

I was very happy to see some dramas from Taiwan on one of dangermousie’s drama watch lists. That’s how I started watching 愛似百匯 (Love Buffet). It is an idol drama based on a manga, so on the spectrum of dramas, it is a light and fluffy romantic comedy. The two male leads are played by two members of the group 飛輪海 (Fahrenheit).

I originally thought that the drama would last ten episodes. I was really happy that the pace of the drama was really fast. The sudden entry of a new character at the very last minute of episode ten made me wonder if the drama was going into a long draggy extension. It was also a bit odd not knowing how many episodes the drama was going to be. Thankfully it really was not that much longer. Thirteen episodes seemed just right. It was a sweet little story with a happy and peaceful ending.

I think this is the first drama where I did have a preference for a certain paring that went completely opposite of where the drama was going. Sometimes preferences in dramas are really a reflection of the watcher, not necessarily the actor or story. I really did prefer 邢一誠 (阿一) (Yi Cheng or Ah Yi as he’s more often called) with 胡小風 (Xiao Feng) rather than 邢大業 (Da Ye). Something about the two of them together was very natural, especially because of what they each went through. We got to see the interaction of 阿一 and 小風 when she was pining over 大業. The issue of 阿一 and 穎芝 was resolved, and we did get to see the interaction between 小風 and 阿一 from it. Unfortunately, the relationship between 小風 and 大業 already reached a point.

I think the drama is good. It’s appropriate when one wants to watch something cute and not overly dramatic. The acting seemed ok. This is the first drama with 辰亦儒 (Calvin Chen) and 炎亞綸 (Aaron Yan) (the members of 飛輪海/ Fahrenheit) that I’ve seen. They do have a screen presence. I previously wasn’t very aware of 飛輪海 and their songs and this was a nice introduction to them.


2 thoughts on “Drama review: 愛似百匯 (Love Buffet)

  1. I couldn’t handle this show after episode ten, maybe. Xiao Feng’s character was too annoying. Ah Yi took forever to figure out what he wanted and even after he “figured it out”, he still kept being a poo head. Da Ye’s character was alright but I couldn’t handle him too much just ‘cos Calvin was the one acting was him. I do like Calvin a lot, but his acting is “meh”.

  2. hello! I also watched this drama well. In my case, I’m the huge fan of Calvin. In addition, I liked this story too. Actually, Their action( performence) wasn’t good. But I understand enoughly. : ) While watching this, I hated xiaofen’s charicter. She annoyed me. hahah. Anyway, It was the one of good dramas relased in recent.

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