Elizabeth Taylor

It is difficult for me to believe that Elizabeth Taylor has passed away. Her name is known throughout the world for her acting and beauty. The first movie I saw her in was “Little Women” in the role of Amy. I don’t remember watching all of “Cleopatra,” but images of her in the Cleopatra costume is iconic. In high school, I watched her in “Taming of the Shrew” when we read the original Shakespeare play. She was a very compelling Katharina. She could act it all and was stunning while doing so. Her violet eyes lit up the screen and commanded your attention. Her private life seemed to be just as dramatic as the lives of the women she portrayed. I choose to remember Elizabeth Taylor as a beauty icon, with natural beauty and glamor.


3 thoughts on “Elizabeth Taylor

      • I don’t know about honour, but we knew Liz and Charles Chaplin through an Israeli friend of the family way back in London. The thing was, both Liz and Charles were as ordinary as anyone could possibly get when they weren’t doing their ‘glamour’ thing as movie stars. If you’re ever in London, I’ll tell you Liz’s actual favourite Kosher restaurant, just mention my name, and you’ll have The Ultimate Best Salt Beef Sandwich in the World at regular price!

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