Keeping up with the situation in Japan

As time passes from the date of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the amount of time and space devoted to news from Japan has diminished. However, it will always be an ongoing situation. For those of us who are concerned about Japan and the Asia Pacific region, it is important to pay attention to the news. Thankfully, there are a few news sources that are keeping an eye on Japan. NPR has a “Special Series” titled “Japan In Crisis” that has current and past articles on Japan and the earthquake. The Wall Street Journal has a section titled “Japan Earthquake” that has articles on Japan, including the latest news. The Wall Street Journal also has a blog called “Japan Real Time” that keeps up with news from Japan.


One thought on “Keeping up with the situation in Japan

  1. Hello!

    I’m very concerned about the situation in Japan. So i always try to read newspaper reports from trustworthy sources like Kyodo News I also keep watching NHK World on TV, as well as following on the internet. I really hope that the situation at the reactors will get under control soon, and for the people to start to recover from the losses from the quake and the Tsunami. This will take a very long time … But the Japanese will be able to recover, they did after the Atomic-bombing in WW2, and they will do it again, only this time in and around Fukushima ken.


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