Bowl’d Korean Rice Bar

I first found out about Bowl’d by seeing it from the street. I decided to give it a try based on the fact that it was Korean cuisine. I did not read about the restaurant beforehand. I’m not an expert in Korean cuisine, but I think I have tried a good amount of it. I found the food at Bowl’d very good and had a good experience.

Bowl’d has only been open for a month and the place was packed. There was a sign-in list and a 15 minute wait. They do take reservations, but I had not considered it. I really liked the decor. It had a modern flair, not specifically Asian or Korean, except for maybe an orchid plant. The walls were a light green that provided a calm environment. One item I found interesting on the menu was a choice between white rice and multigrain rice. The multigrain rice was really well cooked.

Overall, the food was very healthy. There was no excess oil. I do not mean healthy in that it was bland. It was quite the opposite. The cooking brought out the natural flavors of the food. It also seemed to be somewhat modern Korean food compared to other Korean restaurants. The lightness of the food also means that you will not leave the restaurant smelling like your food.

The takeout boxes for leftovers are plastic with a sealed plastic wrap top. This prevents any liquid from escaping. The boxes are also recyclable. I think that it may make picking up food a better experience. Besides preventing spills, the packaging probably also seals in flavor.

According to a restaurant review in the East Bay Express, the concept of Bowl’d is accessible Korean food. From my experience, I can say that the concept has been executed successfully. There are plenty of options and the menu clearly lists them in English and with pictures. The servers are friendly and helpful, and willing to answer questions about the cuisine. I do recommend making a reservation to cut down on the wait.


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