Word of the week #25: camellia

The word for this week was inspired by the article “A Camellia Preserve on an Island Known for Tabasco Peppers” from the NY Times. The article introduces the camellia that bloom on an island off of Louisiana. I tend to confuse camellia and peonies.

Chinese – 茶花 (cha hua)
Japanese – 椿 (つばき) (tsu ba ki)
Korean – 동백꽃 (dong baek kkot)

這是茶花, 不是牡丹。
This is camellia, not peony.

Credit: Free photos from acobox.com

Credit: Free images from acobox.com

Camellia are also used to make beauty products. One such product is camellia oil, which can be used for the skin or hair. I get my camellia hair oil from an Asian grocery store. I think it can also be purchased online.



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