Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California

I mentioned the Monterey Bay Aquarium before in a post mentioning the Seafood Watch Program and a post about Kanchi underwater photography. I had to opportunity to visit the aquarium last month and had a great time. The only unfortunate part was that the Outer Bay exhibit was closed. It will reopen in the summer of 2011 as the Open Sea exhibit. I was able to see a sea otter feeding, which more than made up for the lack of the Open Sea exhibit. There were plenty of other things to see!

Entrance to the aquarium

One of the first things I noticed in the aquarium was the placement of quotes on the walls. These quotes were related to the environment and to nature. I thought the quotes were quite relevant to the display and exhibits.

Quote above a sand display

First part of a quote

Second part of the quote

The aquarium had a variety of different exhibits. Some were specifically about Monterey Bay, and others were about sea creatures around the world.

A variety of fish in the Kelp Forest exhibit

Sea otters!

There were two special exhibits, one about seahorses and one about the changes to the sea from climate change. The exhibit about seahorses followed the life cycle of seahorses.

One of the special exhibits: The Secret Life of Seahorses

The exhibit about climate change included flamingos, coral reefs, sea turtles, and penguins. It explained a lot about the changes happening to the ocean. It also had a lot of information about ways to help the environment.


Vivid colors from a tank of tropical fish

I like that the Monterey Bay Aquarium is right on the bay. This provides the opportunity to see the under-ocean exhibits and the scene above the ocean. I also like going outside because it gives an opportunity to rest from viewing exhibits and a chance to get some fresh air and catch a sea breeze.

Outside the back of the museum, above the tide pool

A view from outside the back of the museum

The jellyfish exhibit was fascinating. The back of the tanks were a bright blue. It definitely brought contrast to the jellyfish. The colors were really beautiful. The jellyfish were swimming every which way.

A couple of jellyfish in one of the tanks

Another jellyfish tank with more jellyfish clustered together

I think the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a great place to visit. It provides something for everyone. Besides the main exhibits, there is a section that is a smaller version of the entire aquarium for the younger visitors. The exhibit covers all the rest of the aquarium. The displays are in bright colors and terms that children can understand. I’m looking forward to the Open Sea exhibit when it opens!


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