Time travel through time zones

I laughed when I read the first few sentences of “Hyun Bin enters marines, splits with Song Hye-gyo” on dramabeans.

[Hyun Bin] entered the marines yesterday-today (That’s what I call Korea’s yesterday, which is our today. Don’t get me started on the tomorrow-today, which is ass backwards and not unlike time travel)…

It can be difficult dealing with the time difference between America and Asia. It’s especially difficult talking about relative days. Most conversations I have involving days in Asia are just bizarre because it’s difficult to keep the days straight. It’s easy to think when it’s day in one place, it’s night in the other. But it’s not the same date!

I decided to draw diagrams to illustrate this phenomenon. The first diagram is for yesterday-today. If you are in America talking about the same date in Asia, then the events already occurred in Asia, which happened during America’s yesterday.

The second diagram is for tomorrow-today. This happens when you’re in Asia, discussing something that will happen on the same date in America. That date has not occurred in America, and will happen in America’s tomorrow.

Trying to figure out the time and date for time zones can get really confusing. It gets even more confusing when the United States is on daylight saving. I usually go to the world clock at timeanddate.com to look it up. It beats messing up the math and flipping day and night.

Now it turns out there can be time travel between two islands, as described by “Samoa time travellers to leap a day into the future” in The Guardian. Samoa is currently at the edge of the international date line. The time zone is beneficial for doing business with the United States. However, the islands are doing more business with Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. From the article:

“In doing business with New Zealand and Australia, we’re losing out on two working days a week,” said the prime minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi

“While it’s Friday here, it’s Saturday in New Zealand and when we’re at church on Sunday, they’re already conducting business in Sydney and Brisbane.”

Credit: Free images from acobox.com

Samoa now plans to move to the other side of the international date line to have the same date as New Zealand. However, this puts Samoa and American Samoa on different sides of the date line. Time travel will then be possible by spending the day in Samoa and flying to American Samoa in less than an hour to spend the day again without changing the date.


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