Mochiko cupcakes

A friend alerted me to a recipe for mochiko cupcakes at justJENN recipes. I had regular mochi before, but never mochi cupcakes. I made a batch and now they are my favorite cupcakes. I totally recommend them. I could have easily eaten the whole batch in one sitting. The cupcakes are cute and delicious. Also, they are not very sweet, which makes it so difficult to eat just one.

I never baked mochiko cupcakes before, so I was pleasantly surprised with the result of the cupcake. Starting with the baking process, I was glad that the mochiko mixed well with the other ingredients. It didn’t take much to get a smooth batter. Sometimes mixing flour by hand can be very difficult, so this was quite friendly to make without a mixer.

The resulting cupcake was even better than I thought. The cupcake did not disintegrate into crumbs when I was peeled the cupcake paper. Also the cupcake was quite chewy, which reminded me of the consistency of mochi. It is definitely not mochi and not as sticky.

The recipe has an option of adding red bean. I added red bean because it is one of my favorite foods. The red bean is placed between scoops of cupcake batter. keeping it in the middle of the cupcake. I probably put more than called for each cupcake in the recipe. I kept an eye on the cupcakes as they were baking and saw that the red bean would boil a bit. Every once in a while a bubble would pop out of the top of the cupcake, resulting in a red bean crater. It was actually quite cute and gave some color to the top of the cupcake.

I was able to get 24 small cupcakes out of the recipe. There was some leftover red bean. Even though the cupcakes were on the small side, they are just right for a light snack.

This particular cupcake just happened to have a red bean rise to the top during baking. Isn’t it cute? After making mochiko red bean cupcakes, I’d like to make other mochiko snacks. There are different ways of adding flavor to cupcakes. Perhaps next time I’ll add something directly to the batter for flavoring.


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