One pot rice cooker meal

I remember as a child that the rice cooker was used for many things besides cooking rice. It could be used as a steamer and for making soups. I got really excited when I saw Kimberly’s post, “Mom’s All in One Pot Asian Ginger Chicken Rice Recipe.” My biggest concern was that I have a Zojirushi “fuzzy logic” rice cooker. Also, the internal pot has a nonstick coating. Due to the differences, I wasn’t sure if the rice cooker meal would turn out the same.

I was able to marinate the chicken the day before. However, for the rice, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly since I was in a hurry. I used chicken legs instead of chicken thighs. I also did not use Chinese rice wine. My rice cooker has indicators on the pot for the appropriate water level. I used that for the amount of water instead of the cup used to measure rice.

It worked really well! During cooking, I could smell the oyster sauce. Yum! After I opened the rice cooker lid, I noticed that the rice looked wetter or stickier than normal. It was probably due to the juices from the chicken. The chicken was completely cooked. The chicken was really tender and the rice had flavor from the oyster sauce. It’s a really good combination!

I tried cooking the dish again, but using brown rice instead. I usually mix brown rice and white rice. But I wanted to see how the rice would cook with the chicken. It turned out great! The rice was well cooked, better than my usual mix. I think the juices from the chicken helped. Also, the chicken was really juicy and well-cooked. The meat was sliding off the bone.

My three cup rice cooker fared well, but I definitely could not fit anything more into the rice cooker. A larger rice cooker may be better since it will have more room to fit more ingredients besides rice. I also noticed that I need to cook at least one cup of rice for the best results. I’ve experimented with cooking pork and mushrooms the same way and it turned out just as good. I’m looking forward to trying more one pot rice cooker dishes. It’s such an easy way to cook!


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