Little thoughts: Lady Gaga, Taiwan money, and Eddie Huang

Lady Gaga went to Taiwan for a concert after her trip to Japan (卡卡愛台灣美食 保證明年再來). At a news conference she said she found the food delicious and wants to return. What I find interesting is that the translation of Lady Gaga in Chinese is 女神卡卡, which translates back in English more as Goddess Gaga.

“Taiwan ex-President Lee Teng-hui ’embezzled $7.8m'”: that’s two Taiwanese presidents in a row that have been charged with money-related crimes. I’m really hoping this does not become a trend. I can understand stumbling blocks in the beginning of adopting Western-style democracy, but corruption should not be tolerated.

I didn’t make it to Eddie Huang’s BaoHaus on my trip to NYC, but it is on my list of places to go on my next trip. Actually, he should just open a store in the SF Bay Area so we can experience his food. The excerpt of his book proposal (some profanity) gives a voice to a new generation of Asians living in America. Many Asian American voices are from writers who grew up in the 1960s and 70s. Now it’s time for the generation who read those writers to write their own thoughts. Eddie Huang’s post, “Sundays are for dim sum” for Eatocracy at CNN, gives a voice to a different identity and experience. He’s also got his own response to the Taiwan and China distinction.


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