Little thoughts: paintings and politics, Korea and the Olympics, and food

“A Reunified Painting Stirs Big Thoughts in China and Taiwan”
Two halves of a painting are displayed together and thoughts turn to politics. But in reality, it probably won’t amount to anything. The Taiwanese museum staff are cautious of the exchange with China.

“South Korea to Host 2018 Winter Games”
The Winter Olympics return to Asia. I’m looking forward to it!

“Calbee opens first American retail shop at Westfield”
Calbee, the maker of my favorite Shrimp Chips, has opened Calbee Shop San Francisco in the Westfield San Francisco Centre. The shop is unique because it will be selling products previously only available in Japan. This comes after word that Martin Yan will be opening a restaurant in Westfield in 2012. Westfield might just turn into the place to get popular Asian food since a Beard Papa is already there.

“‘No Wheat’ Doesn’t Mean ‘No Noodles'”
Finally, a recipe for 잡채 (chap chae)! I can’t wait to make this. Like T. Susan Chang (the author of the article), I probably will devour it quickly as well. I haven’t had 螞蟻上樹 in a while, so that’s also a recipe to try. These dishes are also good for summer because they are dry dishes and do not have a soup.

“Japanese Burgers With Wasabi Ketchup”
I am intrigued by the wasabi ketchup. Another must try.

“In A Fish-Eat-Fish World, Order Asian Carp And Lionfish To Save The Rest”
I think it’s a great idea to eat the invasive fish. Otherwise it will go to waste. The companies that are catching the Asian carp in the Mississippi should really contact the Asian grocery stores, ie 99 Ranch. I think there will be quite a market for them.

“South Koreans Balk at Saturdays Without School”
If I was in this situation, I’d probably fill the extra Saturday time with classes as well. Come to think of it, the only reason I was used to going to school on Saturdays when I was in Taiwan was because I went to Chinese school on Saturdays in America. Time in school or classes creates structure, which is what students need to learn successfully.


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