Ramen snack

I remember in elementary school in Taiwan, we would eat raw ramen as a snack. We would buy a regular bag of ramen, open up the flavoring packet, and dump it into the bag of ramen. The next step would be to mash up the ramen into pieces and shake the bag to mix. For some reason, it was a popular thing to eat. I don’t know who came up with the idea, but it did provide a quick salty snack. It really isn’t the best thing to eat because the salt content is definitely too high. Uncooked ramen is probably not the best for you digestive system either.

I think part of life is being nostalgic for past events and experiences. I was really surprised when I found packets of prepared ramen snack at 99 Ranch. It was one big bag that contained individual small packets of pieces of uncooked ramen. The seasoning has already been added. It’s a miniature version of the snack we used to make in grade school. The brand is a Taiwanese brand of ramen. I recognize the face in the logo. If I remember correctly, it’s one of the cheaper brands because it only has a seasoning packet and not an additional oil packet. This particular bag is of the original flavor. I also saw bags of spicy flavor and seaweed flavor.

I wonder if the ramen company caught on to the fact that schoolchildren were making snacks from ramen packets. Maybe it was beyond school and other people were doing the same thing. The small packets are enough for a little snack, especially if you are looking for something salty. The bag also suggests putting it on salads and soups. It will definitely add flavoring and crunch to salads. As part of a soup, it will add flavor and probably a little ramen. It’s not something I’d eat on a daily basis since raw ramen is not the easiest to digest. I find it interesting that something that we did spontaneously during my childhood has turned into an actual product.


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