Little thoughts: China, North and South Korea

“U.S. To Deny Taiwan New F-16 Fighters”
DefenseNews, August 14, 2011.
A report is out that the U.S. will deny the sale of new F-16s to Taiwan. Instead, the U.S. is offering older F-16s that will still upgrade Taiwan’s current fleet. This is not going to be good for Taiwan.

“Ai Weiwei interrogated by Chinese police ‘more than 50 times'”, August 10, 2011.
Some details emerge about Ai Weiwei’s detainment.

“Tibetan monk burns himself to death in call for return of Dalai Lama”
Reuters, via August 15, 2011.
A monk has burned himself while calling for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet. This is the second incident. The first resulted in further protests.

“China to slow its high-speed trains”, August 11, 2011.
After multiple incidents with the bullet train in China, the speed of the train is being reduced. Hopefully, this will result in less incidents.

“North and South Korea exchange artillery volleys into the sea”, August 10, 2011.
A military exchange occurred between North Korea and South Korea. There were no casualties and artillery fell into the sea. However, its the second confrontation within twelve months.


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