Japanese hairstyle websites

I recently found some Japanese websites with pictures of different hairstyles. It is always important to bring pictures to your hairdresser when you have your hair cut. Words can only go so far to describe hair. With a picture, your hairdresser can see what you like and tailor the style to you.

Most of the time when the topic of Japanese hairstyles come up, people think about the styles in magazines like PopTeen or PopSister. These styles are gyaru fashions and is very girly. The style includes the use of circles lenses, false eyelashes, and wigs. It is definitely for a young group and not appropriate for the workplace.

What are better options? One website is rasysa. I find it a bit of a mish-mash. Sometimes there are repeated hairstyles. But it does display many styles. I think it is ideal if you have the time to look through them. Instead, I’ve been relying on other beauty magazines with hair styles on their websites. On such site is the hair catalog at saita.net, where I have found some different styles. For each cut and style there is a back and side view. The i-VoCE New Hair site is another great place. There are also back and side views. There is also a little diagram indicating appropriate face shapes and hair types. My newest find is the hairstyle page at “with” online. “with” is a fashion magazine that has the same publisher as “VoCE.” The “with” index also includes ways to style the hair.

I can’t read much Japanese, but I’ve been able to get an idea of the styles from the pictures. After all, that’s all your hairdresser will need. There are explanations about how to achieve the given cut and style. But since I cannot read it, I do not really pay attention. I have found that most of the styles resulting in curled hair requires some sort of permanent wave.

December 2011 update:
It looks like the links have changed. The “with” hairstyle page is now hosted on excite.co.jp. The saita.net page now consists of a search page.


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