Little thoughts: Japan, China, and Taiwan

“Can Japan Recover?”, September 01, 2011.
A great piece on visiting Japan after the earthquake. I especially like the last part on the connection of people and food. After reading, I am very optimistic that Japan can recover.

“China’s biggest relocation project yet”, GlobalPost, August 29, 2011.
Diverting water in China is a ridiculously large project. The major rivers are in the south, but large urban areas are in the north. Historically, people lived within their means used what they have locally. Now water from the south is being diverted to the north. Unfortunately, it also requires moving people away from the path of construction. It is really quite a sad state for the farmers in the area.

“The eye of the Buddha: How Myanmar is moving ever closer into China’s orbit”
The Economist, August 20, 2011.
A new book focuses on Myanmar and its relation with China. Myanmar shares a border with China. As China’s sphere of influence widens, the closest countries will be feeling the pressure.

“At Buddha’s birthplace: A Chinese development proposal causes disbelief”
The Economist, August 20, 2011.
Nepal and China also share a border. Apparently China has some odd plans for its neighbor. It has plans for making a village into a sort of tourist attraction for Buddhists. I suppose it is not much different from what China has done to Tibet. The good thing is that the idea has been nixed, but the bad news is that it may come to fruition at a later time.

“Your billion or ours?: An abrupt halt to rapprochement between two giant slices of humanity”
The Economist, August 20, 2011.
I often wonder what would happen if a country with diplomatic ties with Taiwan was faced with choosing diplomatic ties with China. Most countries severed ties with Taiwan in 1949. But what about in the modern political climate? The Vatican seems to be staying put.

“Not as easy as ABCD: The perilous politics of arming Taiwan”
The Economist, September 03, 2011.
An overview of the politics surrounding Taiwan, China, and the United States. The article stems from the request of F-16 C/D fighters by Taiwan and the response by U.S. to instead provide F-16 A/B fighters. China’s reaction is again explained by the upcoming elections in Taiwan. There is also some historical explanations, especially in regards to the 1982 “joint communiqué.” It’s a recommended read about the political climate surrounding the three countries.


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