Resources for learning 注音符號

I found some resources for learning 注音符號 (which was introduced here). It’s rather difficult to explain 注音符號 by writing since it is used for pronunciation purposes. This is where a class comes in handy. Hopefully these websites help.

Here’s a site from 國語日報 that gives the pronunciations. Just click the yellow down arrows until the blue box goes away. Then you can hit any of the 注音符號 to listen to the sounds. The best website that explains all the tones and sounds is Chinese Adventure A1. Look at the menu on the left to go through the explanations. It uses the Roman alphabet to make a point, but will combine them with 注音符號 in the later lessons. My experience is that the page can respond slowly when hovering the mouse over pictures to hear the sound. The best advice I can give is to be patient.

For writing practice, I would take a look at First Step in Chinese textbook (PDF) and First Step in Chinese workbook (PDF). Unfortunately both are only in Chinese, but I think the writing practice sheets in the workbook may be helpful. The Children’s Chinese Reader has characters, 注音符號, and the English translation. Hopefully these resources give a good basic overview of 注音符號.


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