News about East Asia

I’m doing some more organizing. News bites from East Asia (except for Taiwan) will now be called “News about East Asia.”

“Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone: A Look at South Korea’s Education System”
Time Magazine, October 03, 2011.
An interesting story about a group of people catching Korean students studying at tutoring centers past curfew.

“Two Tibetan Monks Set Themselves On Fire In China”, September 26, 2011.
Another incident involving monks in Tibet setting themselves on fire. It feels like this is becoming an almost weekly occurrence.

“Brush with Modernity”
Time Magazine, October 03, 2011.
A good article about modern Chinese brush painting. It is natural for artists to experiment with classical tools to create new works.

“From Progress To Problem: China’s High-Speed Trains”, September 26, 2011.
The scary truth about the rate of progress in China.

“Dalai Lama visit blocked by South Africa to please China, says opposition”, September 27, 2011.
The Dalai Lama cannot obtain a visa to attend Desmond Tutu’s birthday celebration.


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