More Sanrio & Yogurtland

The collaboration between Sanrio and Yogurtland produced some cute in-store items. Last time, I wrote about one of the keychains that were available for a limited time. Now, I’m covering the Sanrio characters that showed up on Yogurtland products.

There were four different spoons: Hello Kitty, Chococat, My Melody, and Keroppi. The spoons were all one color, but with raised parts for the image of the character. I thought it was a good touch to have the front and the back of the spoon decorated. The spoons were not just one-sided.

The special edition Sanrio cup (the regular cup was also available) was decorated with the same characters.


Each character is holding a Yogurtland cup with (I’m assuming) their favorite Yogurtland flavors. Inside the store, there were signs above specific flavors indicating them as a particular character’s favorite flavor.


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