News about Taiwan

“Taiwan, China Warily Celebrate Centennial” [AP via, October 10, 2011.]
“China’s Hu Urges Unification With Rival Taiwan” [AP via, October 09, 2011.]
“Taiwan Urges China To Respect Freedom On Centenary” [AP via, October 10, 2011.]
Naturally the articles this week have been about the celebrations on October 10. There are some articles that are basic reports of the speeches from government officials. But, these articles have a tendency to overly simplify history and not go into details.

“Lung Ying-tai: 1911 Anniversary ‘Awkward’ for China” [, October 10, 2011.]
The Wall Street Journal conducted an interview with 龍應台 (long ying tai) about October 10, 1911. Her answers shed light on the reactions of people in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan surrounding Double Ten. I believe she covers the current situation very well.

“China, Taiwan mark century since uprising” [, October 10, 2011.]
This article digs deeper into the issue and compares the current governments of China and Taiwan. There is more history covered in this article compared to the articles by the news wires.

“Legacy debate as Republic of China marks 100 years” [, October 10, 2011.]
This is the only article I read that really explains the history of the Republic of China after the retreat to Taiwan.

“Taiwanese Embrace Own Identity as China-Born Ruling Party Celebrates Centennial” [Voice of America, October 11, 2011.]
This article accurately describes the point of view of the typical person in Taiwan about the KMT.

“Death Metal, Vernacular And Tradition: The Music Scene In Taiwan” [, October 12, 2011.]
I feel that NPR Music is willing to cover U.S. popular music, but the coverage of world music is often limited to folk music. In this case, it’s about groups that combine modern music styles with (what can be considered) folk culture or folk lyrics. I don’t consider Taiwanese Min Nan or Hakka to be folk – it’s mainstream in Taiwan.

“Taiwan Relations Act: Getting Serious About Taiwan’s Air Power Needs” [The Heritage Foundation, October 14, 2011.]
A very thorough analysis of the Taiwan Relations Act after the U.S. decided to upgrade Taiwan’s F16 fleet. The background information on China’s military and Taiwan’s air force is really good. The essay points out very clear actions for the U.S. and Taiwan to maintain the TRA. It also warns of the consequences from China if the U.S. does not keep its obligation to Taiwan.


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