News about East Asia

“International nuclear inspectors arrive in Fukushima” [, October 09, 2011]
Hopefully the presence of international inspectors in Fukukshima means that the cleanup will continue smoothly and effectively.

“Old radium bottles blamed for Tokyo radiation” [, October 14, 2011.]
There was a report of heightened radiation in Tokyo. It turns out it was from bottles underneath a house.

“Goodbye to the Yakuza” [, October 01, 2011.]
An interesting article about the yakuza. It is now against the law to pay off the yakuza.

“North Korea’s ‘Hotel of Doom’ to open 24 years after construction” [, October 10, 2011.]
It’s taken 24 years to complete a hotel in Pyongyang. It will partially open in April.

1. Ai Weiwei [ArtReview: The Power 100]
“Ai Weiwei is named ArtReview’s ‘most powerful artist'” [, October 13, 2011.]
ArtReview has named Ai Weiwei as the world’s most powerful artist. Naturally, the Chinese government is not happy.

The last of the Manchus: Et tu, Manchu? [The Economist, October 08, 2011.]
An article on the death of the Manchu language. Unfortunately, this means future scholars may not understand the writings from 清朝 (qing chao; Qing Dynasty).

“The Great Wall of China is falling down” [, October 13, 2011.]
Apparently only the part of the Great Wall frequented by tourists is in good condition. The rest is falling apart.


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