News about Taiwan

“Analysis: China watches nervously as Taiwan election nears” [, October 17, 2011.]
Another election, another requisite article about how China is staring intently at Taiwan.

“Dangerous Imbalance On Taiwan” [The Diplomat, October 17, 2011.]
The opening of this article starts out with a likely (but also frightening) scenario.

“Time to liberalize ‘One China’ policy” [, October 18, 2011.]
An interesting take on the ‘One China’ policy from the point of view of the Philippines. The conclusion is that the country needs to change visa requirements and trade agreements to stay on good terms with Taiwan.

“Tseng named POY before inaugural Taiwan event” [GolfWeek, October 18, 2011.]
Taiwan is hosting an LPGA tournament for the first time. 曾雅妮 has won the LPGA Player of the Year for the second year in a row.

“At CMJ, Taiwan Rocks the East Village” [, October 20, 2011.]
Three rock bands from Taiwan took the stage at the CMJ Music Marathon. It’s great to see rock groups from Taiwan getting media attention in the U.S.

“Cloud Gate troupe’s dance concept represents calligraphy” [The Detroit News, October 20, 2011.]
雲門舞集 (Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan) continues its U.S. tour in Ann Arbor. 雲門舞集 is known as the premier dance company in Taiwan and often tours internationally. The dance style is influenced by modern dance, ballet, Chinese opera, and Chinese martial arts.

“Speaking the tricky language of elections in Taiwan” [, October 20, 2011.]
A well written article regarding the importance of Taiwanese Minnan in the upcoming elections. It’s interesting that both parties aim to reach the Taiwanese Minnan speaking population even though the candidates did not grow up with the language. Taiwanese Minnan is regional, so one can tell if the person speaking learned the language in Taipei or the south.


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