News about Taiwan

“Taiwan art museum to host Ai Weiwei exhibition” [AP via Yahoo!News, October 23, 2011.]
臺北市立美術館 (Taipei Fine Arts Museum) will be exhibiting works by Ai Weiwei. The Zodiac Heads will be visiting Taiwan on this stop of their world tour.

“Home cookin’: Tseng romps to another victory” [AP via, October 23, 2011.]
“Tseng gifts cash for new generation of Taiwan golfers” [AFP via Yahoo!News, October 23, 2011.]
曾雅妮 has won the first Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship. It looked quite exciting with many top players sharing the lead until the end. This is really great news for golf in Taiwan. 曾雅妮 also donated a third of her winnings to golf training programs in Taiwan.

“Taiwan’s President Ma faces tight race for January re-election” [The Vancouver Sun, October 23, 2011.]
A good analysis of the issues facing Ma Ying-jeou and Tsai Ying-wen in the current election climate. It touches on the statement Ma made about the possibility of a peace agreement between Taiwan and China in ten years. Ma had to backtrack because the statement was seen as a step towards unification.

“Oct. 25, 1971: People’s Republic of China In, Taiwan Out, at U.N.” [NY Times, October 25, 2011.]
The “Historic Headline” in the NY Times’ “The Learning Network” blog was the admission of the PRC to the U.N. and the expelling of the ROC from the U.N. The last portion of the post asks questions about Taiwan’s current situation with the U.N. and the “one China” policy.

“Taiwan to fine bloggers for false advertising” [AFP via Yahoo!News, October 25, 2011.]
This is an interesting law. There was a case in Taiwan of the court requiring a blogger pay a restaurant due to a negative review. The argument was that the blogger was slandering the restaurant. This law protects readers from false advertisements from bloggers. The bloggers are paid to blog about products and these bloggers exaggerate the positive aspects of these products.

“Looming China fosters Taiwan identity in independence heartland” [, October 25, 2011.]
Some recent articles from Reuters about the upcoming election in Taiwan have explored the Taiwanese identity. This article focuses on 高雄 (Kaohsiung) and the thoughts of a few typical citizens.


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