Taiwan All-Star Series set for November 1-6, 2011

It was announced in September that a series of games between MLB All-Stars and the Taiwan national team was scheduled for November 2011. The roster for the MLB team was announced in mid-October. Five exhibition games are scheduled between November 1-6, 2011. November 1st in 新北市 (xin bei shi; New Taipei City), November 3rd and 4th in 臺中 (Tai Chung), and November 5th and 6th in 高雄 (Kao Hsiung).

According to a tweet by MLB Public Relations, 王建民 (Chien-Ming Wang) and 郭泓誌 (Hong-Chih Kuo) will be playing for the Taiwan team. The two pitchers are currently on MLB teams. Taiwanese fans are particularly excited for the opportunity to see 王建民 pitch on home soil. However, his pitching status keeps changing. There were reports that 王建民 could pitch in each city [ChinaTimes, in Chinese], only the first game in Taipei [UDN, in Chinese], or one game in Taichung [UDN, in Chinese]. I guess it will be a game time decision. It was then reported 郭泓誌 would not be pitching during the series. He was scheduled for elbow surgery in Los Angeles. I hope both players are able to keep their health in mind. I think their fans would rather they be healthy and be able to pitch during the season than sacrifice for these games.

The National’s mascot, Screech, is part of the MLB delegation going to Taiwan. Screech is tweeting (@ScreechTheEagle) and blogging during his trip. It looks like Screech has already started updating his blog about events leading up to the trip. The MLB Network released its November broadcast schedule, which includes all of the games in the Taiwan All-Stars Series. The MLB team has arrived in Taiwan with a lot of fans waiting at the airport. It looks like the MLB players are looking forward to a good time on and off the field. They really do need to try the food. The MLB news section has a great summary of the history of baseball in Taiwan and MLB’s influence on baseball in Taiwan. I hope this turns out to be a great series!


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