News about Taiwan

“Taiwan’s James Soong Will Run for President in Blow to Incumbent Ma” [, November 01, 2011.]
This is an interesting twist to the upcoming elections in Taiwan. We’re only a couple of months away from election day on January 14, 2012. A couple of links for information on the election: Taiwan 2012 blog, from the University of Nottingham, and 2012 總統大選頻道, a YouTube channel aggregating information from Taiwan’s news sites (links via Michael Turton).

“OMG OMG. The EVA Air Hello Kitty Airplanes are Back!” and “EVA Air’s three new Hello Kitty planes” [, October 28, 2011.]
EVA Air is starting a collaboration with Hello Kitty for its 20th anniversary. There are three airplane designs and five destinations. The theme extends to the interior of the plane as well.

“Let Taiwan In (to International Organizations)” [Wall Street Journal, October 27, 2011.]
A great opinion piece by Denny Roy about the situation with Taiwan and various international organizations. I’m glad he brought up the case of SARS and the WHO because that was a serious issue that seems to be overlooked by many countries.

“Panetta praises China on Taiwan arms reaction” [AP via, October 24, 2011.]
“China rejects U.S. praise, arms sales to Taiwan” [, October 26, 2011.]
“Panetta’s praise of PRC raises concern” [, October 27, 2011.]
When I read the initial (very short) report from the AP regarding Panetta’s comments, I was somewhat concerned. But the more I read the report, the more minor it seemed. It is minor no more, as China seems to have started pushing back because of the comments. And now members of Congress are very concerned.


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