A foreign language scene on “NCIS: Los Angeles”

This is the second time I’ve noticed a foreign language on “NCIS: Los Angeles.” LL Cool J, as Agent Sam Hanna, speaks Japanese while verifying information on a case. He speaks to a Japanese woman on the phone. The way the scene is filmed, the Japanese woman’s voice is muffled, but still can be heard. The specific section when Japanese is spoken starts at the 2:25 mark. The clip is from season 3, episode 7, titled “Honor.”

With my limited knowledge of Japanese, I think the way LL Cool J speaks Japanese is an example of the way Americans speak Japanese. As in, it sounds like Japanese with an American accent. I think the line where he introduces himself is the most connected and fluent, whereas the other lines are less fluid.

I’m really glad that “NCIS: Los Angeles” has made good use of foreign languages. The show involves more international characters in its cases compared to the original “NCIS,” which is based in Washington, D.C. I also hope the actors are having fun with the opportunities to stretch their language and acting skills.


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