Thoughts on NY Times op-ed on U.S. national debt and Taiwan

The first time I read the opinion piece “To Save Our Economy, Ditch Taiwan”, I could not finish the whole article. As I got a few paragraphs in, and realized what the author was suggesting, I got a very uneasy feeling. Plenty of responses have shown up on the internet. James Fallows from The Atlantic mentions a post at Business Insider by Joe Weisenthal. Both analyze the U.S. national debt and China. Joshua Keating from Foreign Policy and Jonathan Sullivan from Taiwan 2012 both make excellent points. Naturally, Next Media Animation has their response to the article.

The sinking feeling I got was not from the proposal in the article. I know it is only an opinion piece and not news from Washington. But I also know that the article may be one of very few articles that the general public will ever read about Taiwan. The general public also probably does not know enough about Taiwan, Taiwanese history, or even the history of East Asia to make an informed decision about what to take away from the article. The article itself lacks the proper background information. Perhaps the NY Times needed to generate page views and controversy. For me, it is another example that the task of educating the public about Taiwan is far from over.


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