News about Taiwan

“Dance Review: White” [, November 11, 2011.]
“White/ Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, Sadler’s Wells – review” [, November 10, 2011]
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre continues its tour and is in England. I’m really glad these audiences are exposed to some great artistry stemming from an unique place.

“Mary Ann Lindley: America could take some lessons from Taiwan” [, November 11, 2011.]
The editorial page editor of takes a trip to Taiwan with other female writers from different countries. She comes back with a promising view of Taiwan.

“Taiwan’s Foreign-Language Oscar Hopeful: Wei Te-sheng” [The Hollywood Reporter, November 13, 2011.]
Q&A with 魏德聖 (wei te sheng), the director of 賽德克‧巴萊 (Seediq Bale). I thought the North American version would be the same as the version shown at the Venice Film Festival. But, I’m also glad that a new cut was made that hopefully will leave the same impression as the four hour version. I find his comments about Hollywood very interesting and honest.

“How to Solve the Taiwan Conundrum” [The Diplomat, November 15, 2011.]
“Taiwan to Follow Hong Kong?” [The Diplomat, November 16, 2011.]
Both articles have good background information on Taiwan. The first contains modern political history, while the second is about China-Taiwan relations.

“Taiwan opposition builds campaign with piggy banks” [Associated Press, November 14, 2011.]
An explanation of the “piggy campaign” on the DPP side. I do find it rather odd that the article needed to explain that Taiwanese politics is not just about China.

“In the face of a tougher China, Taiwan tries different tactics to get noticed” [The Christian Science Monitor, November 16, 2011.]
An exploration of Taiwan’s international profile. Taiwan’s bids to enter U.N. committees are covered. Now it’s mostly up to informal ties for Taiwan to get noticed.

“House panel wants US to supply new F-16s to Taiwan” [Associated Press, November 17, 2011.]
Two bills on Taiwan relations have House committee approval. One bill requires the sale of at least 66 F-16 C/D planes to Taiwan. This is in response to the decision to upgrade Taiwan’s planes rather than sell new ones. I find the second bill particularly interesting. It is really specific: adding Taiwan to the U.S. visa-waiver program and visits by Cabinet-level officials. The bills may not pass the Senate, but they will be part of Congress records.


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