News about Taiwan

“Why You Should Care About Taiwan” [Huffington Post, November 18, 2011]
An excellent article by David Millar in response to Kane’s NY Times op-ed. The title says it all.

“Using Taiwan as a Bargaining Chip” [NY Times, November 20, 2011]
These are the letters to the editor that the NY Times decided to publish.

“Country Living With Frills, Now Drawing Tourists” [WSJ, November 18, 2011]
“A Town-Sized Shrine to Taiwan’s Past” [WSJ, November 18, 2011]
It looks like Taiwan tourism is current topic at the Wall Street Journal. The first article describes Taiwan’s leisure farms: a place to stay in the countryside and enjoy the rual life. The second article is about the island of 金門 (jin men).

“Cornyn threatens hold on Lippert nomination over Taiwan arms sales” [, November 18, 2011]
An article about Senator Cornyn and his work to convince the U.S. to sell Taiwan the F-16 C/Ds. The two bills mentioned before are called the Taiwan Policy Act of 2011 and the Taiwan Airpower Modernization Act of 2011.

“Baby Boom: Wealthy Asian Moms ‘Sit the Month’ in Style” [, November 20, 2011.]
Taipei is now home to special centers to 坐月子 (zuo yue zi; literally: sit the month). It is a tradition for the mother to take a month’s rest after giving birth.

“The World’s Greatest Dumplings” [, November 23, 2011.]
The story of 鼎泰豐 (din tai fung), probably the best-known restaurant in Taiwan.


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