News about Taiwan

“Chinese rafter seeks Taiwan democracy, finds custody” [Reuters via Yahoo!News, December 08, 2011]
I really have no words. Except that Taiwan is obviously not China.

“U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Poneman to Visit Taiwan, Meet President Ma” [, December 07, 2011]
Another U.S. official is visiting Taiwan. It seems that more high-level officials have visited Taiwan this year compared to previous years.

“China frets as Taiwan president faces tough reelection bid” [The Washington Post, December 07, 2011]
China is attempting to play a part in the Taiwan elections. It has discounted tickets to Taiwan from China around election time. China has mistakenly thought that the Taiwanese on China would naturally vote for Ma. But really, it’s an election. One is allowed to vote for any candidate.

“Bid for peace accord with China backfires on Taiwan’s president” [, December 09, 2011]
Aftermath of Ma’s mention of a proposal for a peace plan between Taiwan and China. Obviously the opposition does not think favorably about it. I don’t think many citizens of Taiwan think it is a good idea either.

“Taiwan aborigines back in spotlight as cultures fade” [Deutsche Presse-Agentur via Monsters & Critics, December 05, 2011]
The 邵族 (shao zu; Thao people) are one of many aboriginal groups of Taiwan. The preservation of aboriginal culture and language is a necessity on the island. The history of the groups play a large role in the understanding of migration in the Pacific.


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