News about Taiwan

“FEATURE-Taiwan president’s economic boasts come back to haunt” [, December 13, 2011]
Ma did not meet the economic goals he set out when he was elected.

“Timeline: Taiwan’s road to democracy” [, December 13, 2011]
A really good timeline of Taiwan’s political history. It is rather general, but it’s a good place to start.

“Factbox:Taiwan’s presidential and legislative election processes” [, December 13, 2011]
A good very good summary of the election procedures.

“China dangles more incentives ahead of Taiwan election” [, December 14, 2011]
Before every election, Beijing doles out warnings towards the Democratic Progressive Party. As if that’s going to prevent the citizens of Taiwan from voting for the DPP.

“Beijing, Washington closely watch Taiwan polls” [Associated Press, December 15, 2011]
Funny how the titles of these English articles from the point of view of China or America rather than Taiwan. The article does introduce the candidates and adds some background to the election.

“Taiwan candidates start tense presidential campaign on TV” [, December 17, 2011]
This was the last (of two) presidential candidate debates. Again, I find that the point of view of the article is sympathetic to China. This is especially so in the first paragraph. The candidates are from parties whose main distinction is their attitude towards China. However, there is much more at stake. There was no mention of the fact that during the section where each candidate poses questions, Ma stuck to questions towards Tsai, giving Soong the opportunity to prove his point about the two parties. Another strange thing I observed was that during answers, Ma would say that he was now announcing something-or-another that would be enacted by the government during his current term. One thing that definitely took me by surprise was Ma’s suggestion that the young Taiwanese should work towards the goal of hosting the 2024 Olympics. Tsai seemed to do the best she could given the tone of Ma’s questions.


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