News about Taiwan

“Time to Recognize Taiwan” [The Diplomat, December 23, 2011]
An argument for recognizing Taiwan rather than siding with Beijing.

“Ma Stakes Re-Election on China Rapprochement Strengthening Taiwan Economy” [, December 28, 2011]
Ties between Beijing and Taiwan have strengthened during Ma’s presidency.

“Nobody keen to answer the big Taiwan question” [, December 31, 2011]
The Taiwan issue from Australia’s point of view. It is written with the background of the U.S. decision to increase military personnel on Australia and the upcoming elections on Taiwan. Australia has evaded the question, but it now worried that it has indirectly taken a stance.

“Charges of US bias as Taiwan election nears” [Associated Press, January 01, 2012]
It’s interesting that the U.S. has been rather nice to Taiwan during the time before the elections. The conclusion of the article is just as biased as the U.S.

“Wired magazine expands to its sixth market with Taiwanese website” [, January 04, 2011]
The Wired Taiwan website has launched! This is very cool news. The site is currently in beta, but there are plenty of articles to read.


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