News about Taiwan

“Taiwan elections “partly unfair,” international observers say” [Deutsche Presse-Agentur via Monsters and; January 15, 2012]
“Taiwan Stocks Fall After Vote, EU Concerns Weigh” [Reuters via; January 15, 2012]
“Taiwanese Vote with Their Pocketbooks for Incumbent President Ma “ [PBS NewsHour; January 16, 2012]
There were plenty of articles after the elections. Most articles were from the point of view of the U.S. or China. The expected stock increase from a Ma victory did not occur.

“Much of Asia expects birth jump in Year of Dragon” [Associated Press; January 20, 2012]
Look out for dragon babies – they will be everywhere!

“Non-stop to Taipei with KLM” [Business Traveller; January 20, 2012]
Starting from March 25, KLM will be providing service from London Heathrow to Amsterdam to Taipei and the reverse.

“Taiwan export orders see first fall for two years” [AFP via Yahoo! News; January 20, 2012]
This is not a good sign for Taiwan’s economy. Exports to China and Japan were down, while imports to Europe, U.S., and ASEAN countries. Taiwan’s economy is very dependent on trade and will be impacted by economic issues in other countries.


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