Book review: “The Story of Sushi” by Trevor Corson

I really liked the book “The Story of Sushi” by Trevor Corson (Harper Perennial 2008). It was smooth read and filled with a lot of information. The book follows students attending a course at a sushi academy in California. The chapters are equivalent to specific weeks of their training. The sections within the chapters are nicely organized. We learn about the lesson and then dive into specific scientific details of the creatures or a cultural lessons of ancient Japan. It is really quite a fascinating book.

I think this book will appeal to anyone with a desire to learn more about Japanese cuisine or Japanese culture in general. I thought it provided excellent information about sushi. The book also educates the reader with background information regarding different parts of sushi making. There is so much to understand, from the tools of the trade to the ingredients for a delicious meal.

I especially like the glossary at the end of the book. English definitions to Japanese terms are given. There are names for different sushi rolls and the names of different seafood. The Japanese words are written in romanji, but I would have liked to see the Japanese characters as well. The glossary is a good guide for navigating sushi-related Japanese terms.


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