News about Taiwan

“Tycoon prods Taiwan closer to China” [Washington Post; January 21, 2012]
A very good article about the owner of Want Want Group and China Times. Taiwan may have one of the freest media environments in Asia, but it becomes clear owners of media companies can push their own agenda.

“Taiwan Stands Tall as ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’ Earns Foreign-Language Oscar Shortlist Spot” [The Hollywood Reporter; January 19, 2012]
“Oscars 2012 Nominations (Complete List)” [The Hollywood Reporter; January 24, 2012]
“Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale” was on the shortlist (of nine movies) for the Foreign Language category for the Academy Awards. Unfortunately, it did not make it to the final list of five. This leaves no movies from Asia in the category.

“Caught Between China and America, Taiwan Plays Its Hedge” [; January 24, 2012]
I would categorize this piece as a pro-China and pro-unification. It uses the results of the election to conclude that Taiwanese citizens are at peace with China. This is the type of conclusion that comes about when people only hear the people that speak the loudest (see the first article).


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