News about Taiwan

“China unhappy over Taiwan’s push for wider trade partnerships” [Vancouver Sun; January 29, 2012]
China insists that Taiwan can take part in either Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) or Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). President Ma has hinted on the possibility of joining the TPP.

“China’s Soft-Power Offensive in Taiwan” [Project Syndicate; January 30, 2012]
A very good op-ed by Yuriko Koike, Japan’s former Minister of Defense. Five goals of China are listed. These goals are true threats. It is also true that the future is largely dependent on the economy.

“EU urged ‘not to bow’ to China’s demands over Taiwan” [The Parliament; January 30, 2012]
Another high level politician has stated that the re-election of President Ma reflects a pro-China Taiwan. Thankfully, there are others who can see the big picture that the Taiwanese are trying to maintain peace and calm, but are still weary of China.

“Taiwan trims 2012 GDP forecast after Q4 shrinkage” [; January 31, 2012]
The economy is a big topic in world news. Taiwan managed to do fairly well while the rest of the world was going through a crisis. However, it looks like the economic crisis is starting to influence Taiwan.

《文化研究所-公子哥很忙》 (旺報,2012年02月01日)
There has been a proliferation of dramas from China with 雍正 (Yong Zheng; the fifth emperor of the Qing dynasty) in a romantic storyline. I especially find statement 「雍正很忙!」 rather funny. Dramas from Taiwan have tended to involve the son of a wealthy corporation owner. These 公子哥 (sons of influential people) have been quite busy in dramaland!


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