News about Taiwan

“Taiwanese-Japanese star implicated in beating” [Associated Press; February 07, 2012]
I’m a bit surprised this story made it to the AP. A taxi driver was beaten by drunk passengers after the passengers refused to wear seat-belts. Taiwan’s law mandating all passengers wear seat-belts went into effect February 1st, 2012.

“Leland Yee, Champion of Shark Fin Soup, to Tout More Politically Correct Broth” [; February 06, 2012]
Assemblyman Richard Pan and Senator Leland Yee are hosting Chef Hou Chun-Sheng, 2011 International Taipei Beef Noodle Soup Champion, for a visit to Sacramento. Chef Hou is on a California tour. The press release from Yee’s office has a good history of beef noodle soup in Taiwan.

“The West’s First War with China” [The Diplomat; February 08, 2012]
An interesting analysis of the military forces of 鄭成功 against the Dutch. The analysis extrapolates that might to China’s current prowess and the West’s decline. However, the article misses an important point. 鄭成功 was retreating from the 清 (Qing) and was finding a place to settle with the intent of returning to revive the 明 (Ming).

“Taiwan’s Cloud Gate unlocked at Williams” [Bennington Banner; February 09, 2012]
“Where Wicked Fish Spin, and Death Takes a Stroll: Cloud Gate 2 at the Joyce Theater” [; February 10, 2012]
Both Cloud Gate and Cloud Gate 2 are on overseas tours in the U.S. Very exciting!

《LIN台灣瘋 不輸給建仔直播派對!》(聯合晚報,2012年02月11日)
林書豪 (Lin Shu Hau; Jeremy Lin) has taken New York by storm. The NBA already has plenty of fans in Taiwan. Now with a player with Taiwanese roots, it’s at a whole new level of popularity. ESPN set up a large screen in Taipei city to watch the game between the Knicks and the Lakers. An 8pm U.S. East coast start time on Friday night was a 9am on Saturday start time in Taiwan. The Taiwanese media has given Jeremy Lin the nickname of 「豪小子」. The last character of his name is a homonym of the word 好, meaning good. The term 好小子 means good kid or good fellow.


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