Ask 愛評網 where to eat in Taiwan

I first stumbled upon 愛評網 when I was finding restaurants in Taiwan. 愛評網 is a site that allows users to post rankings and reviews of restaurants. Amazingly these restaurants include upscale restaurants to chain restaurants to food stalls in night markets. The search terms are very flexible as well. Searches can be done by store name, location (or district), and even cuisine type.

My favorite part about 愛評網 is that it gives a very clear summary of the price point and recommended dishes. I also like that it gives users a lot of freedom to write about their experience and post a lot of pictures. It is a review site that provides the space of a blog. The extensive information on 愛評網 all come from the members. They are very thorough and often post photos of menus and dishes. Sometimes I feel like I’ve already eaten at a restaurant after reading a review. 愛評網 also includes categories such as beauty products, movies and entertainment, travel, and electronics.


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