News about Taiwan

“Love (Ai): Berlin Film Review” [The Hollywood Reporter; February 25, 2012]
A review of the latest movie from Taiwan at an international film festival.

“12 tips for travelling to Taipei Cycle” [Bike Biz; March 02, 2012]
The Taipei International Cycle Show was March 7-10, 2012. This article is a translation of tips for visitors to the exhibition. Some tips, like the EasyCard, are useful for any visitor to Taipei.

“EVA to fly nonstop, New York to Asia and add service” [TravelDailyNews; March 05, 2012]
Very good news for travelers from New York to Taiwan! With new planes, the nonstop flight from New York to Taipei will be 14 hours and 50 minutes. The return flight will also be nonstop and last 15 hours and 55 minutes.

“The Insane Life of an L.A. – Taiwan – Tokyo Supercommuter” [Bloomberg Businessweek; March 05, 2012]
An inside look at the travel schedule of Eva Chen, the CEO (and a co-founder) of TrendMicro.


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